The Taylor House Inn around 1950
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history of the Taylor House Inn

This lovely old farmhouse was built for the C.D. "Squire" Taylor family in 1911. It received extensive renovations in 1987 and is now home to hundreds of travelers. It has been entered into The National Register of Historic Places.


Charles Davis "Squire" Taylor

Charles Davis "Squire" Taylor


Miss Lou Hill Smith Taylor

Lou "Miss Lou" Hill Smith Taylor,
wife of Charles Davis Taylor



Young Children of Charles Davis & Lou Hill Smith

Younger children of Charles Davis & Lou Hill SmithNancy Taylor, Sue Taylor
Gilbert Taylor, Henry Taylor, Gordon Taylor




adult children of Charles Davis and Lou Hill Smilth Talor

Adult Children of Charles Davis & Lou Hill Smith Taylor ( April 1982)
This photo was labeled "Charlie's Angels"
Back Row: Henry, Gordon, & Gilbert Taylor
Front Row: Sue Taylor Murry, Nancy Taylor


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